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Divorce & Family Law Attorney in Prairieville, Louisiana

A Capable Ally to Guide You Through Divorce, Family Break-Up and Beyond

For many people, the ending of a marriage and subsequent breaking-up of a family can be one of the most stressful, emotionally demanding experiences they will ever face. Unfortunately, the desire to get the process of divorce over as quickly and painlessly as possible, often results in bad decisions, with implications that can last for years.

In the hurry to move on with your life, it can be easy to forget that divorce means much more than simply ending your marriage. It can affect child custody and your rights to a meaningful relationship with your children, property matters, and possible future earnings. At Orgeron & Associates, skilled legal counsel is here to guide you on the best decisions for everyone’s future, without ever losing sight of your own best interests.

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Orgeron & Associates has been serving the local community for almost thirty years. Attorney Corey J. Orgeron leads our legal team, delivering a service that is both sensitive to the difficulties of separation and aggressive in striving for the best results for clients. The Prairieville firm is committed to resolving domestic issues amicably, protecting families, and respecting your wishes.

Attorney Orgeron understands that divorce can take its toll on families and that every couple’s circumstances are unique. That is why he takes a genuinely personal approach: listening to your concerns, carefully considering your options, and crafting a realistic solution in your favor. Wherever possible, he seeks mediated outcomes in cases of family law and separation. However, when litigation is your best option, Corey J. Orgeron is an accomplished divorce attorney and a fearsome partner to have by your side in court.

Resolving the Complex Issues of Separation and Moving Forward

Experience has proven that family issues require a distinct type of legal prowess. One that adamantly protects your own best interests, while respecting the legal rights and emotions of all parties, especially where children are involved.

Orgeron & Associates offers legal counsel in the following areas of family law:

  • Divorce — We can help ease the stress of separation, by seeking a fair division of marital assets, property, and debt on your behalf.

  • Child Custody And Visitation — Your children come first and our focus is always to reduce the impact on them, protect their rights and secure your access, through custody or visitation.

  • Spousal Support — Whether you are entitled to financial support or required to fund your former spouse and children, we will strive to secure the best result possible.

Based in Prairieville, Louisiana, Orgeron & Associates serves the parishes of Livingston and Ascension. Reach out to us today to schedule a free initial consultation.