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Personal Injury And Workers Compensation

Securing The Settlement You Deserve

Every year, thousands of Americans have their lives disrupted by accidents or oversights that are beyond their control. Unfortunately, many of these result in out-of-pocket expenses, loss of earnings and sometimes, serious injury. Despite considerable protection under the law, victims often struggle to receive adequate compensation from their employers or insurance companies.

At Orgeron Lawyers we have made it our mission to stand up for the victims of other people’s actions. Whether you are facing an evasive insurer, negligent business owner or the fallout from a vehicle accident, our team will fight tirelessly for the damages that are legally yours. We take a genuinely engaged approach to every case we manage, treating each client we represent with the same determined commitment, to ensure the law is upheld and that you receive every dollar you deserve.

Relentlessly Pursuing Justice On Your Behalf

Personal injury, resulting from an accident or malpractice, can be hard enough to recover from, without having to negotiate an often confusing legal system to secure the compensation you are rightfully entitled to. Factor in the frequent reluctance of employers and insurance companies to pay up, and it is easy to see why so many claimants fail to receive what is owed to them.

Our skilled legal counsel gives you a chance to turn the tables. With almost three decades of experience, we understand the complex nature of personal injury litigation and how best to achieve positive results. Cases we represent span a broad range of issues where settlement may be due, including:

  • Employer negligence
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability
  • Product malfunction

A Proven Track Record, In And Out Of Court

Attorney Corey J. Orgeron has devoted his career to fighting for the rights of claimants. Leading our team, he draws on his extensive working knowledge of the law to methodically build cases that can help you win the compensation you deserve.

As a skilled personal injury lawyer, his work begins by thoroughly investigating your experience, rigorously gathering information to support your claim and clearly identifying those at fault. Once the value of your claim has been calculated, the evidence is presented, along with any witness testimony, to conclusively prove responsibility.

This carefully crafted strategy gives you the best possible chance of leveraging an out-of-court settlement, and we always look to resolve cases through mediation. However, where companies or defendants are reluctant to pay, Mr. Orgeron is a skilled and aggressive litigator, who will ruthlessly defend your rights in the courtroom.

If you believe you have a case for compensation, or you are struggling to receive the payment you think you are owed, call our Prairieville law office at 225-402-4440 to request a free case review, or send us a message here.