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How Much of Your Wages Will Workers’ Compensation Replace?

Orgeron & Associates Dec. 7, 2020

Working in construction, a factory, or a warehouse can be a way to provide an excellent standard of living for yourself and your family without incurring the debt most people have to take on to graduate from college.

However, if you get hurt on the job, your status as a blue-collar employee might be at risk. If your injuries are bad enough to keep you from performing your work obligations, you may need to take time off to heal. Especially if you are the sole wage-earner in your household, going weeks or even months without income may not seem possible.

Thankfully, as an employee in Louisiana, you likely have the protection of workers' compensation benefits. The medical benefits available through workers’ compensation can cover all of your necessary care expenses, which can reduce the financial strain on your household.

Those Unable to Work or Earn the Same Wage Can Seek Disability Benefits

Suppose you get hurt on the job or develop a work-acquired illness that completely prevents you from working until you recover. In that case, you can request temporary disability benefits through workers’ compensation.

Even those who might return to work can still qualify for workers’ compensation disability benefits. If you can only perform a limited number of job responsibilities, the wages you earn might go down as well.

How Much Will Workers’ Compensation Pay While You Recover?

Workers’ compensation disability benefits provide support for injured or sickened workers, but the system stops short of making workers depending on those benefits truly comfortable. You can only receive up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage through workers’ compensation.

Even that reduced amount is subject to a maximum benefit cap that the state routinely adjusts. Getting help with a workers’ compensation application can make it easier and possibly faster for you to get the benefits your family needs to make ends meet right now.