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On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Firm News

Hurricane Ida was the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in centuries, more devastation than Katrina, Andrew, Camille and Betsy. Hurricane Ida brought destruction and terror to our homes, battering Southeast Louisiana, leaving a trail of damage that will take months, maybe even years to fully recover from. In the days following such a traumatic event your entire world changes, you become desperate to return to “normal”.  Within days predators acting as lifesaving contractors swoop in, promise the world, and deliver little more than promises and demands for payment. BE CAREFUL not to fall for the smooth talkers, always consult with the Louisiana Board of Contractors and an attorney when in doubt.

This event can further mean years spent pursuing insurance agents and adjusters who avoid processing homeowners’ insurance damage claims, even when the homeowner is fully entitled to compensation. Your life has been sidelined by a tremendous force of nature; you don’t have the time or the mental fortitude to pursue the insurance company responsible for your claim, while trying to rebuild your home and your life. We at Orgeron Lawyers understand the astoundingly difficult situation Hurricane Ida’s destructive trail has put you in and we’re here to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to for your claim. Corey has spent 30 years helping the people of South Louisiana recover the money they deserve. Since Hurricane Andrew in the early 90’s through the historical Flood of 2016 and Hurricane Laura in 2020, Corey has guided thousands of homeowners get the money they deserve. Call him today for a FREE consultation.