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A Steadfast And Reliable Local Attorney

There are times in all our lives when things take an unexpected turn for the worse and it feels difficult to move forward. Relationships end, families break-up and accidents happen. Such moments are stressful and it can be easy to think you have little control of your own future, especially when a life-changing event results in legal proceedings.

At Orgeron Lawyers, we are very proud of our place within our community, as the trusted friend and advocate local people turn to for dependable legal counsel. Attorney Corey J. Orgeron has devoted his career to serving the parishes of Ascension and Livingston. Working from our offices, in Prairieville, Louisiana, he represents in cases of divorce, personal injury and workers’ compensation, supporting those in need through difficult periods of their lives.

Proudly Serving Our Wonderful Community

Driven by a strong sense of duty and a firm belief in the American constitution, Mr. Orgeron leads our legal team, delivering reliable advice and spirited counsel to members of the community. After the tragic flood of 2016, we opened our doors to more than 250 families, helping them file insurance claims, and our law firm regularly provides free estate planning to first responders, veterans and educators.

Orgeron Lawyers take an intensely personal approach to every client we represent. Working with accident victims and spouses at the end of their marriage share many similarities. These are people who feel vulnerable, facing unfamiliar decisions and in need of an ally. Our goal is to be that friend, supporting and empowering you, negotiating on your behalf and, when needed, providing the formidable representation you may need before the courts.

A Champion For Justice, Fighting For Your Best Interests

If you are unfortunate enough to have been the victim of an accident, or injured as a result of somebody else’s action, Orgeron Lawyers will fight tirelessly for the compensation you are entitled to under Louisiana and Federal law.

We provide the same, meticulous and strategic approach to matters of divorce. With almost three decades of experience, Orgeron Lawyers believe passionately that terminating a marriage should not mean you lose your rights to a meaningful relationship with your children, or your financial liberty.

For a free, impartial first consultation, and the chance to discuss your case with a dedicated legal professional, call our Prairieville law office at 225-402-4440, or send us a message here.